Yogiraj leads postures for the back


This is a 20 minute instruction, from Yogiraj. The asanas (postures) are good for the back. And, you may find it very relaxing. Skip any part that feels to strenuous. Be very easy with yourself and practice these multiple times to get the most benefit. 


Before you follow Yogiraj's guidance here, gently stretch the neck with a painless tilt in each direction. Then, prepare the shoulders by raising and lowering them, then rolling them forward/down/back/up. Reverse this to up/back/down/forward. Repeat five times. 

You will begin this recording while lying on your back, with your arms wide to the side, palms up, legs spread comfortably and  your feet turned slightly outward. This is called savasana. Here is a picture.If you would like a personal lesson on any of the postures or breathing practices describe, I am very happy to receive your inquiry. 612-247-1448

With love and gratitude,